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Frequently asked questions


What is netID?

The European netID Foundation provides the federated Single Sign-on "netID", which allows digital services (netID partners) to register and login netID Users based on their account at so called netID Account Provides. netID Partners can individually request authorized data transfer (profile information) via netID, whereas users get a centralized overview and control about which services they are using, and which data was/is transferred to each of them via netID.

What is the netID Developer Portal?

The netID Developer Portal is the main resource for developers/digital services that want to leverage netID with their online services. It provides all the necessary resources and features to integrate the netID Single Sign-on.

In the future, individual reports, information about planned further developments of the netID and much more will be available in the Developer Portal.

Who can use the netID Developer Portal?

All netID Partners who want to integrate the netID service into their application can use the netID Developer Portal.

How much does the integration of the netID Single Sign-on service cost?

The use of the netID Single Sign-on is free of charge.

Developer Portal

Where can I find information on using the Developer Portal?

Please check the Getting Started Guide and the step by step Tutorials.

How often are reports created?

Reports are generated at daily intervals.

How many days does a report cover?

A report can contain a maximum of 366 days. The aggregates cover a rolling time frame (summarized to 1 day, 7 days, 30 days).

Technical Integration

Are there plugins for an easy integration of netID?

There are several plugins for various popular CMS and e-Commerce systems. The number of supported systems is constantly growing.

Are there SDKs or frameworks that I can use for netID integration?

There are several implementations of OpenID Connect in different programming languages. More details can be found in the Single Sign-on Documentation.

Is there an indicator for the system status?

A Health Check report for the availability of the netID systems and subsystems is available in the netID Developer Portal. A login is required.


How can I get in contact with you?

Please use our contact options in the Developer Portal or send us an e-mail:

How do I report a bug?

Please use our contact options in the Developer Portal to inform us about a bug or to submit a feature request.

How can I add my service to the partner page?

The partner page is available at For further information please contact us at