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About netID

European netID Foundation

The European netID Foundation (EnID) was founded in March 2018 by Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, ProSiebenSat.1 and United Internet. Its aim is to establish the netID Single Sign-on as a European alternative to US providers. With netID, users can organize their privacy settings for digital services transparently and in compliance with data protection regulations. To this end, the foundation has developed an open standard that enables users from all sectors to access all internet services of partners of the European netID Foundation with the same login. Right from the start which focuses the initial core market Germany, 38 million accounts covering roughly about 60% of the Germany online population are ready to be used.

netID Developer Portal

The netID Developer Portal is the main resource for developers/digital services that want to leverage netID with their online services. It provides all the necessary resources and features to integrate the netID Single Sign-on.

In the future, individual reports, information about planned further developments of the netID and much more will be available in the Developer Portal.

For details see Developer Portal

netID Login Standard

netID is the new, European login standard.

The European netID Foundation provides the federated Single Sign-on "netID", which allows digital services (netID partners) to register and login netID Users based on their account at so called netID Account Providers. netID Partners can individually request authorized data transfer (profile information) via netID, whereas users get a centralized overview and control about which services they are using, and which data was/is transferred to each of them via netID.

netID Account Providers are in charge for authentication, authorization and transfer of profile information, whereas the so called netID Broker, that is operated by the EnID, orchestrates data transfer and routing between users and the digital services they are using. Technically netID is based on the industry standard OpenID Connect, thus is easily and seamlessly usable by netID Partners.

Based on the above, visitors and customers can discover and use your digital services and websites leveraging netID in a particularly secure, simple and convenient way. The netID Single Sign-on is provided free of charge and is open for anyone after registration and setup using the afore mentioned netID Developer Portal.

For details see Single Sign-On Documentation

netID Privacy Management

In addition to the Single Sign-on netID Partners can also leverage netID to allow their users to manage their overall privacy settings in terms of commercial data use and offers a convenient, scalable and most importantly server-based/permanent way to manage a user’s consent status or more generally a status in terms of legal grounds for commercial data use. To enable that netID provides services to integrate a netID Partners Consent Management Platform in addition to its Single Sign-on services.

Please note that the integration in terms of privacy management/commercial data use is not free of charge and cannot be managed via the netID Developer Portal in a self-service fashion. In case you are interested please reach out to us.

For details see CMP Integration.

User base and advantages

netID can be used with any e-mail address in general. Having that said over 35 million users can already use netID without further registration. This includes all e-mail users of the brands WEB.DE and GMX. Users who do not yet have a netID Account can create a free netID Account with one of the netID Account Providers with just a few clicks.

Optimized & convenient: Fewer interruptions in the purchasing process, less "password recovery" effort. Significantly better conversion rates in the registration process for new customers.

Free & Federated: Easy registration and free administration of your netID Developer Account with as many netID integrations as you wish.

Secure & independent: Decentralized Data Storage. netID Partners are in full control of their (respectively their users) own first-party data.

User base & convenience: Already more than 35 million users with existing netID Accounts. Usually no need for an additional registration for end-users when using netID.